Orienteering Rogaine Championships

Orienteering Rogaine Championships 2023

Four hundred students took part in the Auckland Secondary Schools Rogaine Championships at Humphries Farm, near Waimauku recently.  The map, named Stoneybrook, is a very hilly course with many spur gully complexities that highly rewarded the students that meticulously planned their routes to avoid unnecessary climbing.  The event was extremely waterlogged and the overnight rain proved it to be a challenging affair with many mud-strewn children returning.

The Rogaine event is where students have 90 minutes to collect as many controls as they can and return back on time to avoid any time penalties.  They can compete as Individuals or in 2-person teams. Many thanks to Auckland Orienteering Club for hosting the event and Ian Humphries the land-owner for allowing it on his property.

The winners of the events were:

Individual Senior Girls                    Kate Borton (St Cuthberts College)

Individual Senior Boys                    Felix Schollum (Mt Albert Grammar School)

Individual Intermediate Girls        Harriet Johnston (Baradene College)

Individual Intermediate Boys        Blake McKinnon (Saint Kentigern College)

Individual Junior Girls                     Zara Bint (Mt Albert Grammar School)

Individual Junior Boys                     Tahi Harris (Mt Albert Grammar School)

Individual Year 7/8 Girls                 Alex Gribble (St Cuthberts College)

Individual Year 7/8 Boys                 Joel Simpson (Rosmini College)

Team Senior Girls                             Ella Edwards, Eve Thompson (Mt Albert Grammar School)

Team Senior Boys                             Sam Carryer, Luka Johnson (Mt Albert Grammar School)

Team Intermediate Girls                 Bella Gibson, Ivy Roodt (Pinehurst School)

Team Intermediate Boys                 Solomon Randerson, Caleb Wagener (Auckland Grammar School)

Team Junior Girls                             Chloe Gribble, Sophie Herde (St Cuthberts College)

Team Junior Boys                             Ethan Mora, Isaac Stewart (Auckland Grammar School)

Team Year 7/8 Girls                         Emily reeves, Zoe Sekula (Baradene College)

Team Year 7/8 Boys                         Xavier Turner, Warren van Staden (Northcross)

All the other results can be found here: