Premier Registrations

Sports listed as Premier in the Sanctioned Sport Schedule require Premier Registrations in EnterNOW. Please read the College Sport Auckland Bylaws so you are familiar with all Premier Eligibility requirements.


Premier Transfers

If a student transfers between College Sport Auckland Member Schools, a Premier Transfer Form must be completed to allow them to participate in Premier Sport (refer to the Sanctioned Sport Schedule for a complete list of Premier Sports).

Section A of the Premier Transfer Form must be completed by the Receiving School Principal and emailed to the Previous School Principal and

On receipt of a Premier Transfer Form, the Previous School Principal must complete Section B and email it to the Receiving School Principal and The Previous School Principal may select Option 1 or 2:

  • Option 1 permits a student to participate in Premier Sport providing all other Premier requirements have been met.
  • Option 2 requires the transfer be supported by the completion of statutory declarations by receiving school principal, transferring student and parent or guardian of transferring student.

If Option 2 is selected, the student will not be eligible to play Premier Sport until the statutory declaration forms are complete.

If the Previous School does not complete Section B within five working days, the student will automatically be allowed to participate in Premier Sport providing all other Premier requirements have been met.


New Stand Down Bylaws

The following Bylaws have been introduced for 2020 Premier Competitions.

  • Bylaw 5.10: A New to School student who has transferred from any New Zealand school and has played one or more fixtures for their previous school’s 1st team in a Premier Sport at any point, may not participate in the first half of that sport’s Premier Competition for their new school, including any promotion/relegation fixtures. The half season stand down period will be sport-specific, and the actual number of fixtures will be included in the Sanctioned Sport Schedule. The stand down period will be taken from the student’s Enrolment date.
  • Bylaw 5.11: The CEO may only grant dispensation from the restrictions in Bylaw 5.10 when a student has transferred from outside the College Sport Auckland region and their Primary Caregiver has relocated to within the College Sport Auckland region. A College Sport Auckland Primary Caregiver Relocation Exemption (PCRE) form application form must be submitted to College Sport Auckland at least two weeks prior to the first occasion the student wishes to compete in a Premier Competition.