Student Spotlight: Zeshan Bari

After dominating the cricket scene at intermediate school, Zeshan Bari took a few years off the game. After undergoing knee surgery last year, he picked up the sport again, and gained selection into the schools 1st XI, in time for his final year at school. Zeshan set his mind on being a true student of the game, studying it’s intricacies and spending much time each week developing his craft. In Term 1 this year, he has played brilliantly for the Lynfield College 1st XI and has been selected as a member of the Athlete Development Programme. Zeshan is also now on track towards running a half marathon – something which a few years ago would have been beyond his reach.


How did you get into cricket?

I would play a lot of backyard cricket with my dad when I was young. He was originally from Pakistan and played a lot in his childhood. We would often watch cricket videos online and would occasionally go to games at Eden Park. I think watching the professionals really made me want to play cricket so from there I joined a club and started playing.


What motivates you to play cricket?

I think the biggest thing that motivates me to play cricket is just my love for the game and my desire to reach my full potential.


What has been your favourite sporting moment over the past year?

My favourite sporting moment over the past year would definitely be my 47 runs I scored for the Lynfield 1st XI against Glendowie. Leading up to the game I had been getting nothing but low scores and really felt uncomfortable batting out in the middle, but that innings really helped me get my confidence back up and allowed me to start playing with more freedom in match situations.


Who is your sporting role model and why?

My biggest sporting role model would have to be Virat Kholi. His batting and work ethic is really amazing to me and I think his desire to be the best player in the world no matter what really motivates and inspires me.


How have you been keeping active during lockdown?

It’s been a challenge staying active and motivated during the lockdown but trying to get my body moving by doing things like running has been really beneficial to me.


What are you looking forward to as we move down the alert levels?

Definitely looking forward to going out and bat in a game so I can put to work all the things I’ve been learning from my past season and over the last couple months.


Zeshan would like to thank Thomas Fletcher from Lynfield College, who played a major role in Lynfield’s 1st XI success, as well as Hanzallah Kharoti and Abdullah Safi who have been great teammates and have pushed him to become a better player.


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