Young Sportsperson of the Year Finalists


College Sport Auckland is pleased to announce the finalists for our 29th Annual Young Sportsperson of the Year Awards. Congratulations to the following students who will be invited to attend the Awards on Thursday 14 November 2019.


Athletics Boys

  • Connor Bell, Westlake Boys High School
  • Dominic Overend, Auckland Grammar School
  • Jayden Williamson, Rosmini College

Athletics Girls

  • Charlotte Holland, St Cuthbert’s College
  • Lisa Putt, Saint Kentigern College
  • Kaia Tupu-South, Westlake Girls High School

Badminton Boys

  • Ricky Cheng, Westlake Boys High School
  • Joshua Feng, Westlake Boys High School
  • Clive Luna, Sancta Maria College

Badminton Girls

  • Roanne Apalisok, Botany Downs Secondary College
  • Janice Jiang, Macleans College
  • Shaunna Li, Rangitoto College

Basketball Boys

  • Samuel Mennenga, Westlake Boys High School
  • Taine Murray, Rosmini College
  • Harrison Payne, Rangitoto College

Basketball Girls

  • Savannah Cook, One Tree Hill College
  • Tayla Dalton, Carmel College
  • Jazzmyne Kailahi-Fulu, St Mary’s College

Cricket Boys

  • Adithya Ashok, Mt Albert Grammar School
  • Jock McKenzie, Westlake Boys High School
  • Oliver White, Auckland Grammar School

Cricket Girls

  • Skye Bowden, Pakuranga College
  • Amie Hucker, Epsom Girls Grammar School
  • Frances Jonas, Baradene College

Cycling Boys

  • Barnaby Clegg-Shaw, Auckland Grammar School
  • Lachlan Dickson, Auckland Grammar School
  • Jensen Foster, Saint Kentigern College

Cycling Girls

  • Prue Fowler, Diocesan School for Girls
  • Lucy Thomson, Epsom Girls Grammar School
  • Ella Wyllie, Epsom Girls Grammar School

Distance Running Boys

  • Jude Darby, Westlake Boys High School
  • David Moore, Westlake Boys High School
  • Toby Saxby, Westlake Boys High School

Distance Running Girls

  • Chloe Browne, St Cuthbert’s College
  • Natalya Carter, Baradene College
  • Isabella Richardson, St Cuthbert’s College

Football Boys

  • Campbell Strong, Sacred Heart College
  • Luca Taylor, Mt Albert Grammar School
  • Bradley Wilson, St Peter’s College

Football Girls

  • Kate Duncan, Baradene College
  • Ella Russ, Diocesan School for Girls
  • Genevieve Ryan, Mt Albert Grammar School

Golf Boys

  • Joshua Bai, Auckland Grammar School
  • Stephen Liu, Saint Kentigern College
  • Jimmy Zheng, Macleans College

Golf Girls

  • Carmen Lim, Ormiston Senior College
  • Vivian Lu, Macleans College
  • Yeonsoo Son, Pinehurst School

Gymsports Boys

  • Blake Costley, Onehunga High School
  • James Dougal, Mt Albert Grammar School
  • Nathan Monkton, Westlake Boys High School

Gymsports Girls

  • Havana Hopman, Baradene College
  • Maia Fishwick, St Cuthbert’s College
  • Sienna French, Diocesan School for Girls

Hockey Boys

  • Aiden Fraser, King’s College
  • Isaac Houlbrooke, Rosmini College
  • Lennox Moss, Saint Kentigern College

Hockey Girls

  • Breana Catley, St Cuthbert’s College
  • Tiana Currie, St Cuthbert’s College
  • Katie Doar, St Cuthbert’s College

Lacrosse Girls

  • Sophia Morcom, Epsom Girls Grammar School
  • Kayla Nuzum, St Cuthbert’s College
  • Jade Panoho, Epsom Girls Grammar School

Netball Girls

  • Vika Koloto, Baradene College
  • Grace Nweke, Avondale College
  • Nanise Waqaira, Howick College

Orienteering Boys

  • Adam Bateman, Mt Albert Grammar School
  • Patrick Hayes, Auckland Grammar School
  • Liam Stolberger, Avondale College

Orienteering Girls

  • Penelope Salmon, Baradene College
  • Jessica Sewell, Diocesan School for Girls
  • Georgia Skelton, Diocesan School for Girls

Rowing Boys

  • Thomas Barrell, Auckland Grammar School
  • Bowen De Gouw, Westlake Boys High School
  • Sam Shotter, Westlake Boys High School

Rowing Girls

  • Jaime Breen, Epsom Girls Grammar School
  • Lucy Burrell, Baradene College
  • Olivia Hay, Glendowie College
  • Jane Schellekens, Epsom Girls Grammar School

Rugby League Boys

  • Sam McIntyre, Birkenhead College
  • Sione Moala, St Paul’s College
  • Vaka Sikahele, St Paul’s College

Rugby Union Boys

  • Cameron Church, Saint Kentigern College
  • Meihana Grindlay, King’s College
  • Aidan Morgan, King’s College

Rugby Union Girls

  • Hailey Beale, Kaipara College
  • Tenaija Fletcher, Mahurangi College
  • Patricia Maliepo, Southern Cross Campus

Snow Sports Boys

  • Samuel Finnemore, Kristin School
  • Harrison Messenger, Kristin School

Softball Boys

  • Oscar Clark, Mt Albert Grammar School
  • Ryan Earley, Mt Albert Grammar School
  • Liam Jardine-Ngauamo, Mt Albert Grammar School

Softball Girls

  • Mikayla Cross, Mt Albert Grammar School
  • Beth Reid, One Tree Hill College
  • Brooklyn Temu, Mt Albert Grammar School

Squash Boys

  • Leo Fatialofa, Auckland Grammar School
  • Tarin Love, Mt Albert Grammar School

Squash Girls

  • Georgia Fyfe, St Cuthbert’s College
  • Lowri Waugh, King’s College

Swimming Boys

  • MacAllister Clark, Auckland Grammar School
  • Matthew Holder, Westlake Boys High School
  • Samuel Poching, Rangitoto College

Swimming Girls

  • Brearna Crawford, Mt Albert Grammar School
  • Aimee Crosbie, Diocesan School for Girls
  • Kiana Swain, Pukekohe High School

Table Tennis Boys

  • Jack Chen, Macleans College
  • Nathan Xu, Saint Kentigern College

Table Tennis Girls

  • Sophie Low, Macleans College

Tennis Boys

  • Nick Beamish, Saint Kentigern College
  • Caelan Potts, Saint Kentigern College
  • Aulky Wang, Kelston Boys High School

Tennis Girls

  • Elys Ventura, Westlake Girls High School
  • Sarah Weekley, Epsom Girls Grammar School
  • Vivian Yang, Westlake Girls High School

Touch Rugby Boys

  • Chicago Doyle, King’s College
  • Troy Faiva, King’s College
  • Sebastyan Jack, Rutherford College

Touch Rugby Girls

  • Princess Elliott, Mt Albert Grammar School
  • Jaymie Kolose, Saint Kentigern College
  • Lisa Putt, Saint Kentigern College

Triathlon Boys

  • Callum Hockey, Rangitoto College
  • Andrew Matthews, Sacred Heart College
  • Finian Orr, Saint Kentigern College

Triathlon Girls

  • Natalya Carter, Baradene College
  • Maddy Clarke, Saint Kentigern College
  • Georgia Hair, Diocesan School for Girls

Underwater Hockey Boys

  • Tim Bavelaar, Howick College
  • Heath Galloway, Howick College
  • Jackson Godfrey, Glendowie College

Underwater Hockey Girls

  • Rowan Buick, Mahurangi College
  • Rebecca Deen, Howick College
  • Terri Warner, Epsom Girls Grammar School

Volleyball Boys

  • Mitchell Coulthurst, Rangitoto College
  • Bureta Finau, De La Salle College
  • Dominic Niko, De La Salle College

Volleyball Girls

  • Tamara Otene, Westlake Girls High School
  • Kaila Ru-Tearoiti, Westlake Girls High School
  • Emme Shearer, Westlake Girls High School

Waka Ama Boys

  • Kasey Ngataki, James Cook High School

Water Polo Boys

  • Max Barr, Auckland Grammar School
  • Louis Ferigo, Sacred Heart College
  • Flynn Howarth, Rangitoto College

Water Polo Girls

  • Elisabeth Alsemgeest, St Cuthbert’s College
  • Charlie Hooke, Diocesan School for Girls
  • Morgan McDowall, Diocesan School for Girls

Yachting Boys

  • Brayden Hamilton, Westlake Boys High School
  • Blake McGlashan, Westlake Boys High School
  • Sebastian Menzies, Rangitoto College

Yachting Girls

  • Alice Haslett, Diocesan School for Girls
  • Lucy Leith, Rangitoto College
  • Elizabeth Shapland, Diocesan School for Girls

All Rounders

  • Will Bason, Saint Kentigern College (Rugby, Swimming, Triathlon, Water Polo)
  • Bella Browne, St Cuthbert’s College (Athletics, Hockey, Snow Sports)
  • Natalya Carter, Baradene College (Athletics, Cycling, Distance Running, Triathlon)
  • Corey Kellow, Sacred Heart College (Athletics, Rugby, Water Polo)
  • Jessica Lane, Westlake Girls High School (Athletics, Distance Running, Netball)
  • Alex McNaught, Saint Kentigern College (Basketball, Triathlon, Water Polo)
  • Centaine Noom-Duckworth, Rangitoto College (Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball, Water Polo)
  • Lisa Putt, Saint Kentigern College (Athletics, Netball, Touch Rugby)
  • Cecile Velghe, Saint Kentigern College (Athletics, Netball, Touch Rugby)

Athletes with a Disability Boys

  • Jaden Movold, Rangitoto College
  • Michael Percival-Afeaki, Auckland Grammar School
  • Levi Shearer, Howick College

Athletes with a Disability Girls

  • Alyssa Baxter, Onehunga High School
  • Sionann Murphy, Carmel College
  • Nia Wallace, Long Bay College

Service to Secondary School Sport

  • Alex Bing, St Peter’s College
  • Anthony Curry, Mt Albert Grammar School

Aktive Student Coach of the Year

  • Aoife King, Orewa College
  • Jonathan Silivelio, Kelston Boys High School
  • Lada Volkova, ACG Parnell College

Aktive Student Official of the Year

  • Angelina Revell-Lewis, Avondale College
  • Samuel Roberts, Long Bay College
  • Liam Sargeant, Waiuku College

International Achievement

  • Sam Dick, Rosmini College (Gymsports)


For information regarding tickets, please contact your school’s sports coordinator.