The Value of Sport

Sport New Zealand have launched a new study which explores the value of sport to New Zealanders, their communities and our country. The Value of Sport is based on extensive research, including a survey of around 2,000 New Zealanders and a review of previous studies from here and around the world.

There’s no question sport is at the heart of our national identity, but this study tells us that being physically active also creates happier, healthier people, better connected communities and a stronger New Zealand.

Sport NZ have developed a print ready infographic illustrating The Value of Sport that they hope you’ll find useful.

Here are some key findings from the Value of Sport research:

  • 92 per cent of the people we talked to believe being active keeps them physically fit and healthy, and helps relieve stress
  • 88 per cent believe that sport and other physical activities provide them with opportunities to achieve and help build confidence
  • 84 per cent believe sport and physical activity bring people together and create a sense of belonging
  • 74 per cent say sport and physical activity help build vibrant and stimulating communities
  • 86 per cent agree that high performance sport both helps instil a sense of pride in our country, and contributes to our national identity as New Zealanders
  • Sport and active recreation contributes $4.9 billion or 2.3% to our annual GDP, and the sector employs more than 53,000 New Zealanders.

You can read more about the key findings of The Value of Sport in the Main Report.

You can also read the original Research Report that was commissioned.

Undertaken over three stages, the research involved a literature review; qualitative interviews with the general public and sport and recreation sector stakeholders; and quantitative surveys involving the general public, people working in the sector, representatives of organisations operating in the sector as well as large corporates and small and medium enterprises.

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