The Value of Sport

Sport New Zealand have launched a new study which explores the value of sport to New Zealanders, their communities and our country. The Value of Sport is based on extensive research, including a survey of around 2,000 New Zealanders and a review of previous studies from here and around the world. There’s no question sport is at the heart of our national identity, but this study tells us that being physically active also creates happier, healthier people, better connected communities and a stronger New Zealand. Sport NZ have developed a print…

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Stop the obsession with winning: Sport NZ

Radio NZ: New Zealanders love winning at sport, but paradoxically, a sports umbrella group says that obsession may be reducing children’s involvement and stopping them being active. In the last 16 years participation in sport among 18 to 24-year-olds has dropped by nearly 14 percent. Sport club membership has also declined by 11 percent – all at a time when obesity and diabetes rates are steadily rising. Sport New Zealand talent consultant Alex Chiet told Nine to Noon too many young athletes were specialising in one code too early, which had led…

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