Student Codes of Conduct

Rosie Cordy

Hi all,
Me again 🙂

I was just wondering if anyone had any examples of a student Code of Conduct that they would be willing to share please? We have a Fair Play code on our website/in our sports booklet (for players, coaches, and parents), but I am looking to get students to physically sign a code of conduct next year (with particular emphasis on agreeing to our uniform bond policy, as well as expectations for behaviour, etc), so just wondered if there were some great/useful examples out there already 🙂

Thanks all, and I hope you have a lovely summer break!!

Looking forward to meeting you in 2020 🙂

  • Rosie Cordy

    Now that a few more people might be back into work frame of mind - does anyone have any examples of above that they'd be OK to share please?

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