‘It’s a kid’s dream’ – Macleans student out to match Olympic success of legendary father


Without question, Olympic silver medallist Dick Quax is one of New Zealand’s all-time greats on the track, now his 17-year old son looks certain to follow in his footsteps.

Theo Quax is proving to be a rising star in his own right, claiming national titles at under 20 level in 1500m, and all without a coach – until now.

While many would be intimidated at the though of living up to such a famous name, Theo is more than happy to compare himself to his legendary father, who is now looking to become his son’s coach.

“If I had a go at my dad when he was 17, I think I could probably take him,” Theo jokingly told 1 NEWS.

“He’s definitely my biggest inspiration.”

Even at such a young age, Theo is determined to match his father’s achievements, with his sights firmly set on any athlete’s goal – the Olympics.

“That would be ideal, to just go out there and run 1500m at the Olympics.”

“It’s a kid’s dream when they’re in primary school, so to be actually out here working towards it every day so often is just crazy.”

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