Sports Uniform – bonds/charges and keeping track

Rosie Cordy

Hi all,

I am looking for some feedback from other schools/SC’s about the processes you use for sports uniform. Our current systems are not working (I’ve just started at Hobsonville Point Secondary School) so I’m looking to make some changes for 2020, and would love to hear how other SC’s manage this aspect of our jobs.

Do students at your school borrow or buy their uniform?

If they buy, do you have different uniforms for different sports? How do families manage this cost? Can they pay it off over the year or do you have a “no pay, no play” policy (I don’t even know if this is done any more)?

For those that borrow/loan/hire, do you change a uniform bond on top of their sports fees? Is it the full replacement cost of the uniform, or some other calculation? Is it (fully?) refundable when the uniform is returned at the end of the season?

What do you find is the best way to manage/keep track of uniforms? Do you use Kamar (or similar)? Are all your uniforms individually numbered so you know exactly which uniform has gone to which student, or do you use another process?

Thanks to any of you that find the time to share some ideas – much appreciated!


  • Cyndie Augustin

    Hi Rosie,
    At Pinehurst, school initially purchased sport uniform and them we hire it to the students for $20 which is included in their sport fees. The hire fee is then put into a separate pooled account and each year we use those funds to purchase or replace uniform. I have been doing this for approx. 10 years now and it always balances out. If there are funds left over I have it carried over to the next year. Some years you spend more and some you spend less.
    Depending on the sport uniform, generally it lasts for 3-5 years. If I don't get a uniform back I then charge the replacement cost plus 10% (to purchase one top is a lot dearer than to buy 20)
    I keep a spreadsheet of what uniform I purchased when and project when I will need to replace or top up so that all sport teams get a fare share of the pooled money. All clothing is numbered eg 1/19, 2/19 (means Top 1, Purchased 2019 etc)
    I keep a spreadsheet of who has been issued each uniform.
    With regard to our hockey masks, we bond these to the team and then refund if I get them all back. I haven't lost any since we started doing this two years ago.
    Your welcome to give me a call if you would like more information.
    Cheers, Cyndie

  • Edith Miller

    HI Rosie
    Any uniforms that need to have numbers on them eg Rugby we purchase those and charge a small hire fee to be able to buy new ones. We are very similar to Cyndie at Pinehurst.
    Netball - the girls have to buy but we do sell on behalf if they get too small.

    Shorts, Hockey Skirts and Socks and personal items and the student has to buy these as well.

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