When will entries open for College Sport Auckland competitions?

All entries are currently closed until we can determine what the structure of what each sport will look like. We are planning for many different options and are aware schools will need time to organise their teams and entries. Schools will be given a minimum of two weeks to get these done. We encourage schools to start planning an intraschool sport calendar for the year as well.


What physical activity are we allowed to do at the different alert levels?

Sport New Zealand have published Guidance for physical activity at COVID-19 Alert Level 3.

We are expecting an announcement about sport at Level 2 this week.


Is Winter Tournament Week still going ahead? 

Currently School Sport NZ’s national calendar of sanctioned events is suspended until 20 July, the beginning of Term 3. School Sport NZ will be making a call regarding Winter Tournament Week at the beginning of June.  Refer to the School Sport NZ Event Calendar for up-to-date information regarding NZSS competitions.


What will the seasons look like for each code? 

This will completely depend on the Government’s instructions and what level we find ourselves in. Unfortunately, it is too early to make a call on what the seasons will look like. We are following advice from Sport New Zealand, the Ministry of Education and are working with Regional Sports Organisations to provide something for students, but it is still too early to tell.


If codes are able to run, how much lead in time are we going to get? Especially since some codes hadn’t finished their trials before lockdown and some hadn’t had any training time together? 

As above – a minimum of two weeks. It’s important to remember all schools are in the same position regarding pre-season training etc.


If we are running intraschool sports, what kind of support can we expect? For example, will we be able to run 7’s instead of 15’s and still have access to referees? 

This will depend on the Regional Sports Organisation but it is something we can work through as a schools group.


Has any consideration been given to running local competitions, rather than Auckland wide to ease travel even after we go down the alert levels?

Except for Premier competitions, most competitions are run zonally. We may also look at making zones into smaller clusters, in consultation with schools.


Are all competitions still going to go ahead? When will we know if a competition is not going to go ahead? 

Unfortunately it is still too early to say.


Should we be preparing and marking our fields now in preparation for sports starting? 

Again, it is too early to do this and maintenance of fields etc. is what should be focused on at this stage.


What are some of the considerations influencing a return to sport? 

Which alert level we are at, whether it is a contact or non-contact sport, government restrictions at each level.