Dominic Overend – Put your feet in the right place and stand firm

College Sport Media:

An MRI scan, a CT investigation, try what he willed, Dominic Overend couldn’t resolve the source of an unusual pain. All the Auckland Grammar sprinter knew was something was seriously wrong after a 200m race in Sydney in April last year.

“I was competing at the Australian Champs and started the 200m in the lead before something kinda snapped and I was unable to finish,” Overend recalls.

“At first I thought I had torn a hamstring or done my Achilles, but when I went to see the doctors they didn’t know what it was either. The pain would come and go,” he continued.

Weeks of confusion ensued until the problem was finally diagnosed.

“A bit of bone in my right heel had overgrown, which put strain on my foot especially when turning corners. I had surgery and was in a moonboot for two months,” Overend reveals.

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