Angelina Revell-Lewis | Aktive Student Official of the Year YSPOTY Winner

Angelina is an Athletics New Zealand C Graded Official who volunteered her time at a significant number of events, mainly in the North Island, which has given her opportunities to develop her skill set (particularly in using highly technical performance measuring devices), and opportunities to teach others how to use the equipment. She has worked at events such as the North Island Interprovincial Competition, NISS Championships and the Athletics Auckland Winter Pole Vault Series 1 and 2, and the Sir Graham Douglas International Track and Field Meet which was a World Athletics Permit meet, and required the best Officials from all over New Zealand to support some of the most promising candidates for Tokyo 2020 Olympic qualifying. Angelina was selected as one of the Technical Judges to operate the EDM for Shot Put and was tasked with measuring the performances of New Zealand’s best Shot Putters, including Dame Valerie Adams, Tom Walsh, Maddison Lee-Wesche and Jacko Gill.