Lock down catch up, and Term 2 ideas

Rosie Cordy

Kia ora SC whanau!

I hope you are all adjusting to this crazy situation as well as can be expected, and that you and your bubble are safe and well.

I am reminded DAILY that being a full time SAHM with a 5 year old and an 18 month old is one of the hardest bloody jobs on the planet – but the sunshine, and wine, is definitely helping 🙂

Like many of you I’m sure, I don’t actually get paid during the school holidays, so these first two weeks of lockdown have just been about focussing on our new family “normal” and trying to get through each day. However, recently I have started to think about what Term 2 might possibly look like, given that we are sports coordinators with much of the traditional idea of “sport” having been taken away from us!

I have found a really great Facebook group called “Online School Closure Educator Support for PE”, and even though much of what is being shared on there is curriculum (and often MYP/overseas) related, there are some cool ideas for simply encouraging physical activity, and some great DIY home challenges, etc. So check it out if you’re that way inclined!

I have also formed a connection with a Zumba instructor in our area who is now offering a mid-morning Zumba class once a week to our students, delivered via Zoom and promoted on our sport FB page. I’m sure we all know about the other opportunities out there – Les Mills classes, Cosmic Kids yoga, etc. Anyone made links to these in a cool way?

Really keen to hear what others have been up to, what people are thinking about trying, or have had success with already!! Would be great if we could share ideas, knowledge, and gems on here, to help us all support our school communities in maintaining their wellbeing, physical and otherwise, during this time!

Look forward to hearing from some of you!
Ka kite,

  • Kaipara College

    Hey Rosie love the idea of the zumba instructor. I have been trying daily to put up some bodyweight workouts on our Instagram page....quick 20min ones...I tried to encourage students to send us clips or workout they were doing, but only recieved one so far. This student is super active and her mum is a PT. After reading your zumba idea I may suggest something similar for them to do.

    Stay safe and keep well.


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