Gymsports Results

2024 Rhythmic Results Trampoline Overall Champions Results Trampoline Overall Teams Results Trampoline Results (Short Form) Tumbling Results (Short Form) Artistic Results – MAG & WAG 2023 Artistic Results Rhythmic Results Tumbling A Grade Tumbling B Grade Tumbling FIG Tumbling National Grades Team Results Trampoline FIG Trampoline A Grade Trampoline B Grade Trampoline C Grade Overall Team Results TRA & TUM 2022 Artistic Results Rhythmic Gymnastics Results Trampoline Individual Results Tumbling Individual Results Trampoline & Tumbling Team Results Trampoline & Tumbling Overall Team Results Aerobics Results 2021 Artistic Gymnastics Results Rhythmic…

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Gymsports Information

Championships 2024 Gymsports Championships Entry Information 2024 Manuals Rhythmic Gymnastics Manual Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Manual Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Manual Tumbling Manual Trampoline Manual Health & Safety 2024 Event Information  Trampoline Card Tumbling Card Gymsports Championships Programme Championships 2023 Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline & Tumbling Championships 2023 On the day Timetable – 15 June Entry Information Health & Safety 2023 Competitions Cards– to be filled out and handed to the computer desk before the start of the warmup Trampoline Competition Card Tumbling Competition Card

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