School Sports Awards

College Sport Auckland

We have had a few schools asking if we know how other schools are presenting their sports awards this year. Thought it would be a good discussion to put on the forum for schools to share ideas with each other



  • College Sport Auckland

    Carmel College have just announced their winners on Instagram if you wanted to have a look what they have done @Carmelsport

  • Chad Coombes

    OHS is sending out a sports awards newsletter to all families with the sports awards winners. This will include all individual team awards, team awards etc
    Our major individual awards have been added to the Final Senior Prize Giving ceremony.
    We will also post winners on social media over a few days.

  • Gill Bloxham

    We are hoping to have mini presentations are lunchtimes. For example all footballers will meet and the awards will be presented. If this is unable to take place, award winners will be advertised on social media and certificates and a letter will be posted to the winners

  • Jodi Benjamin

    Edgewater College is having a leavers day.

    On that day Senior Prizegiving will be joined with Sports Prizegiving. The students will be in their mentor classes. We will have a zoom meeting where SLT will announce the certificate and trophy winners. The certificates and Trophies will have been given to the right mentor teachers and they will be awarded in class.

  • pmatiseni

    St Mary's will announce winners on social media including videos/photos etc. We had thought to leave a handful of the major ones for Academic prizegiving but am guessing this probably won't happen so will all be announced this way.

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