Pursuing all-round excellence – Jaden Movold

Channel Magazine:

AIMES Winner Q & A: Jaden Movold

In 2015 Jaden Movold won the AIMES Junior Excellence Award for Services to the Community. As part of [Channel’s] feature looking at what has happened to a number of past winners, Christine Young caught up with Jaden and what he’s achieved over the past few years – as well as what his ambitions are for the future.

Christine Young: What excites you about the many activities it is you are involved in and in particular those where you contribute in some way to the community?

Jaden Movold: I love being busy and getting involved with things that are important to me and make a difference in the world around me. Aside from all my sports activities (swimming, triathlons, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair track racing) and school commitments, I hold the title of Youth Ambassador to three very important community-focused charities: The Yes Disability Resource Centre, Achilles International NZ, and The Jonesy Youth Foundation. Whether it is fundraising or raising more awareness of organisations that support people who face challenges in their lives, I love being involved.

At Rangitoto College, I am involved in a Leadership Committee which centres around the pastoral care of the student community. It is enjoyable being a part of a group that is all about student well-being and raising awareness of issues such as mental health. I am also involved with the annual Pink Shirt Day initiative, as well as other school events throughout the year.

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