Overend back on his feet

College Sport Media:

Dominic Overend is a creature of habit.  The Auckland Grammar School sprinter has specific routines he follows before and during major races.

“The week before a big race I always have a pie and eat a packet of skittles. The night before I enjoy steak and shave my sideburns. I wear no socks when I compete like Usain Bolt. I don’t know why I do this, but I always have and it seems to work.” Overend explains.

At last December’s National Secondary Schools Championships in Auckland the calculated Overend was forced off stride by Roderick Solo, an unusually close competitor.

“We were even going into the second to last hurdle. Instead of staying calm I tried to accelerate past him. I over strode and kicked the hurdle over, falling out of contention. I was disillusioned and angry.” Overend laments.

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