Basketball Managers

Massey High School

Massey High School
Posted 1 month ago

Massey High School is seeking expressions of interest for the following newly created unpaid basketball roles.

1 x General Manager

Duties Involved:

  • Admin – in charge of getting paperwork in for selected tournaments, court bookings, and looking after finances for the team.
  • Communication – all communication to parents and players in regards to trainings, games, and notices.
  • Supporting and communication with parent support crew – making sure support crew are comfortable in their roles and offering support where needed.

2 x Finance and Events Planning managers

Duties Involved:

  • Organizing Fundraising activities for Team tournament costs.
  • Sponsorship or funding support for team – Tournament cost, flights, accommodation, van hire, Providing payment solutions or options for players and families.
  • Reports to the General Manager to update on the current status and for any support that may be needed.

2 x Game day managers – must have good knowledge of game rules and score bench

Duties involved:

  • Ensuring drink bottles are filled during games, keeping girls on bench positive and engaged during games, score sheet filled out, in charge of uniforms, team stats, relying key info to coaches e.g. player foul trouble, scoring issues etc.
  • Driving team van (for away games only)
  • Finding a venue controller (for home games only)
  • Supplying 2 parents for score bench duty for home and away games.
  • Score clock and score bench equipment is set up for home games.
  • Court and bench is clean before game and after games.
  • Communicate to visiting team manager in terms of team changing room and if there will be a supper after game.
  • Reports to the General Manager to update on the current status and for any support that may be needed.
  • Venue clean, courts swept.

The General Manager will be the main contact for the management team in regards to anything outside of, game strategy, training and player development and player rotation which will be handled by the coaching team, trainers and physio.

For more information, contact:

Lionel Fuaivaa (Head Coach)

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