College Sport Auckland Contact Tracing Form

We now have a COVID-19 contact tracing form within the College Sport Auckland app. This is a simple form that can be used by individuals and teams at College Sport Auckland season fixtures and events. The form requires the following information:

  • Email
  • Venue
  • Role
  • Number of dependents
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

An individual’s completed form will be sent automatically to the email address they have provided only. The data collected will only be seen by College Sport Auckland, deleted from the host database daily, and erased completely from College Sport Auckland’s records after 8 weeks.

Hosting schools may choose to use this as a method or contact tracing. A team manager may register for their entire team just by entering their details and selecting the number of ‘dependents’ with them.

The QR code for our contact tracing form is included within the app, so if schools choose to use this method of contact tracing, the QR code can be scanned as people enter the venue.

We encourage staff, students and their whānau to download the College Sport Auckland app even if your school is not using this method of contact tracing, as we will use it for our one-day competitions and other host schools may use it too. This will be used for the first time at Day 1 of the College Sport Auckland Golf Stroke Play Championships on Monday 8 June.

Regardless of gathering sizes, it is important that each school has a contact tracing method in place for visiting schools and visitors. Schools need to consider what will be required from both their community and the visitors. While your students and parents will be accustomed to the school process, layout etc, your visitors may not. In terms of contact tracing systems, there are clearly a number of options available including both manual and app based. We appreciate that schools may already have their own contact tracing systems in use but we are recommending that our member schools use the contact tracing form within our app.

To download the College Sport Auckland app, click the relevant link in the sidebar, or scan the QR code.