Declaration of final placings for summer sports

Final playing days for several summer College Sport Auckland competitions were cancelled due to COVID-19. This situation, and subsequently the decision made to cancel the season earlier than scheduled, is unprecedented.

It is important to acknowledge that this decision will have a significant impact on teams and schools, especially those who were either in championship contention, or attempting to avoid relegation when the season was brought to a close prematurely. We understand that many hours of planning, preparation and training were completed to get to this point and we empathise with all teams who were denied the opportunity to close out the season.

Without a precedent for the impact of a global health pandemic on our competitions, College Sport Auckland (CSA) has been steered by the existing bylaws/playing conditions and the fundamental principles of competition delivery. Further, CSA has welcomed guidance through consultation with various partners, RSO’s and similar entities within Auckland and across New Zealand. It was important that sufficient information was gathered to make an informed decision that not only truly reflected the current situation, but set a precedent that can be used going forward. It was also critical that any decision was based on principles that allowed it to be applied regardless of the level of competition.

CSA believes that there has been sufficient play completed to declare the remaining fixtures cancelled, and confirm final placings for all promotion / relegation competitions as at Friday 20 March. Therefore, final placings (including any promotion or relegation for the following season) will stand as per the respective competition’s playing conditions, and be based on the standings at the aforementioned date. To avoid any doubt, this means all competition games played up to and including Sunday 15 March will be valid, and points included in the final standings.

Final placings are available under the results page for each sport.