Bylaw Changes for 2020

At the College Sport Auckland Board Meeting held 26 September 2019, the board ratified the updated College Sport Auckland Bylaws for 2020. These new bylaws include significant changes for students who transfer to College Sport Auckland member schools and want to play premier sport.

The key changes for premier competitions in 2020 are:

  • The maximum number of New to School students permitted in each Premier squad has been reduced for most sports – these numbers are set out in the Sanctioned Sport Schedule for 2020.
  • A New to School student who has transferred from any NZ school and has played for their previous school’s first team, must stand down for half a season. The half season stand down period is included in the Sanctioned Sport Schedule.
  • The CEO may only grant dispensation from the stand down restrictions when a student has transferred from outside the College Sport Auckland region and their Primary Caregiver has relocated to within the College Sport Auckland region. A College Sport Auckland Primary Caregiver Relocation Exemption (PCRE) application form must be submitted to College Sport Auckland at least two weeks before the student wishes to play for their new school.

In grades other than premier, composite teams will be eligible for placing once their application is approved by College Sport Auckland (but they cannot be promoted into a higher grade).

These bylaw changes were made after consultation with member principals (who were given the opportunity to provide feedback on three separate occasions this year) and ratified by the board after seeking legal advice.