PPTA Action Day on 29 May

The College Sport Auckland CEO and Board have agreed not to cancel school sport on 29 May.

“We do realise many schools will be significantly impacted by the industrial action, however we have decided not to have a blanket postponement or cancellation. Because of extent of this industrial action, there is no imposed penalty for rescheduling e.g. home advantage is NOT forfeited.”


Procedure for rescheduling a fixture:

  • Fixtures must be rescheduled at least one week before the date of play.
  • The school wishing to reschedule a fixture should then contact their opposition, requesting a change from the published draw.
  • If both schools agree to reschedule then the date, time, and venue must be set and agreed upon by both schools.
  • Once the rescheduled game is confirmed, the school arranging the reschedule must advise all other relevant parties involved with the game e.g. referees, venues, opposition, convenors and CSA.
  • CSA must be notified via email no later than 12noon on the original date of scheduled play, otherwise a ‘no result’ will be entered.

Any rescheduled game:

  • should ideally be played within the week of the original date, unless otherwise approved by CSA;
  • take place at least five school days before any playoffs or crossovers; and
  • not clash with another code.

It is in the interests of all for games to be played rather than defaulted.

If the opposition does not respond to the school requesting the rescheduled fixture by the original game date, please contact CSA. If CSA deems the opposition to have made no effort to find a resolution, the opposition may receive a ‘lose by default’.