Water Polo Rule Changes for 2019

The following rule changes shall be adopted for the 2019 College Sport Auckland Water Polo competitions:

  • The possession time to be reset to 20 seconds after a) a corner throw awarded; b) a rebound after a shot which does not cause change of possession and c) after an exclusion (Premier, Senior A & Junior A only, and only at pools where the possession clock has been adjusted to 20 seconds).
  • Inside the 6m area, when a player is swimming with and/or holding the ball and is impeded (attacked) from behind during an attempt to shoot, a penalty foul must be awarded (unless only the ball is touched by the defender).
  • Free throw shall be taken from the location of the ball (except if the foul is committed inside the 2m line).
  • A goal may be scored from a free throw awarded outside 6m from a direct shot or after fake or dribble or putting the ball on the water. (Referees shall use signals if the foul happened outside the 6m line.)
  • A player taking a corner throw may shoot directly or swim and shoot without passing or pass to another player.
  • An additional substitution re-entry area will be at any place between the goal line and the centre field line for flying substitutions.
  • Each team may request 2 time-outs during the game at any time while possessing the ball (Premier, Senior A & Junior A only).
  • The goalkeeper is allowed to move beyond and touch the ball past the half distance line.

New Zealand Water Polo have added a video to their YouTube channel to help with the interpretation of these new rules: