Pasifika Volleyball Coach Development Seminar with John Kessel

2018 Pasifika Volleyball Coach Development Program

Coach Development Seminar with John Kessel (USA Volleyball Director, Sport Development)

21st and 22nd April 2018

Pasifika Volleyball wishes to extend an offer for interested coaches to participate in our coach development program run in conjunction with the Pasifika Volleyball International Cup Tournament being held at Otara Recreation Centre in Auckland from the 16th to 20th April 2018. Presenter John Kessel will be sharing his coaching philosophies and methodologies in this 2 day coach development seminar. John Kessel is a world renowned coach and coach development expert who has many accolades to his name. Click here to read more about John and his achievements.

Seminar Details

Dates: Saturday 21st April, 9.00am-6.00pm and Sunday 22nd April, 9.00am-6.00pm

Venue: Otara Recreation Centre, Newbury Street, Otara, Auckland

Cost: $150.00 non-Pasifika Volleyball Affiliated members, $120.00 Affiliated members. Costs cover all seminar material and lunches/tea/coffee for both days.

Who should attend?
This is a great opportunity for Pasifika coaches of all levels and any other Coach in New Zealand, John’s coaching philosophies and methodologies are applicable to all levels of volleyball development.

Seminar topics will cover but not be limited to:

  • Volleyball USA Men’s Team Insight
  • No more warm ups – It’s about preparing to compete
  • Motor learning learned the hard way
  • The game trains the brain – From drills & games
  • How to train to never be an athlete’s last coach
  • Receive, Set, Hit Competitions
  • Learning – Growth Mindset, Grit & Resilience
  • Sharing your favourite drill
  • Serve, Block, Dig Competitions
  • Coaching Philosophy
  • Favourite Games & Scoring Options
  • Technology and Video Must Haves
  • Final Secrets to share, plus Q&A

Registration Details:
To register for the seminar please contact James email
We will have a limit of 60 coaches for the seminar

Accommodation will be up to each coach participating at the seminar as the Gym /Seminar venue is located in Otara Manukau Auckland.

Any further questions please direct to James Summers