Drug Free Sport NZ Survey

This nationwide study aims to develop a drug free sport intervention for New Zealand sporting contexts. It will also be the first of its kind to conduct an in-depth investigation into what shapes youth athletes’ opinions about supplement use and doping.

The electronic questionnaire for this study is now live and we are requesting your assistance to share the following information with your 13-18 year-old athletes of any gender, competing at any level within any sporting code in NZ. Included in the research information is an electronic link which will present an anonymous questionnaire that will take around 15 minutes to complete on any web connected device.

‘AUT and DFSNZ are capturing the thoughts of 13-18 year-old athletes throughout NZ on supplement use and doping in sport. The findings will be used to make sport better for everyone by developing a programme which prevents doping in sport for the next generation of NZ athletes. It is really important that we hear the thoughts of as many NZ athletes as possible – to make sure yours are included, follow this link to complete a short, electronic questionnaire on any device: